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Champney’s West Days

It’s that time of the year again   Please join us for Champney’s West days 2018    

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Champney’s West Days 2018

It’s the first day of June and time to plan your weekends in Champney’s West Make sure you mark your calendars for August 10 – 12 2018 for Champney’s West Days. More details to follow but you can be sure that there will be cardboard boats and those spectacular island girls

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Champney’s West Days 4th-6th August 2017

It’s that time of year again – please come and join us for a not to be missed weekend of laughter Details below  

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Champney’s West Days – 12th – 14th August

Yes it is that time of year again.  Champney’s West will be full of artistic talent (Friday’s old fashioned variety concert), glamour (the gorgeous island girls) and Olympic quality sailing (cardboard box boat racing)  Come and join us for a weekend of fun and laughter.   Friday August 12th Old Fashioned Variety Concert: ○Starting at …

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The Cardboard Flotilla

Champney’s West weekend was once again a  huge success.   This article in the Packet tells it all http://www.thepacket.ca/News/Local/2015-08-10/article-4241636/Cardboard-boats-set-sail-again/1 Even Elvis joined in the fun with his gorgeous Island Girls  

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Head over to Champney’s West this weekend

This weekend brings us the fantastic annual Champney’s West days. Schedule below If you are unsure what happens at Champney’s West days then these photos should give you some idea   Old fashioned concert – get your tickets now The now famous boat races     So come along and enjoy the fun

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Champney’s West Days 7-9 August

If a picture speaks a thousand words, this poster certainly says it all Hope to see you all on the wharf      

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Mark your calendars

Summer is finally here, please don’t forget to mark your calendars for the events that will be taking place in Champney’s West this summer Canada Day  On the 1st July  Champney’s West will be remembering Memorial Day and celebrating Canada Day.  Details of the programme of events will be posted soon. Champney’s West Days August …

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Champney’s West Weekend – 2014

Even the weather cooperated (eventually) and Champney’s West days were once again a huge success, thanks to everyone’s hard work New to this year’s event was the Go Cart racing, only one wipe out, the rest sailed, at various speeds, but all in style over the finish line.       The famous Cardboard Boats races were …

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